Rhode Island Wedding Photographer

Rhode Island Wedding Photography


My love of celebrations and joyous occasions are at the heart of my photographing weddings and events for more than 15 years.

Denny with his daughter Chloe  

The art of photography has always been the center of my life. Wedding and events are a wonderful dance of life which needs an artist’s eye to truly capture and reveal the feelings expressed by your family and friends as your incredible day unfolds.

I am known for my spirited and engaging candids and formals. Stiff and contrived poses are simply not my style. My relaxed, unobtrusive personality will keep you feeling at ease throughout the day. I know you want to get back to your family and friends as quickly as possible!

With a lifetime of experience as a photographer and artist, I can assure you that your wedding day will be beautifully photographed and exquisitely printed and presented in the finest of hand-crafted wedding albums.



About myself as an artist:


My fine art photography is exhibited and collected throughout the world and is represented by over 30 museums and public collections worldwide including the museums of Fine Art in Boston, Philadelphia, and Paris, France.

My artwork has been featured in the New Yorker and on the covers of numerous books. I invite you to view my website at www.dennymoers.com , where you can see the galleries and museums that are collecting my work.



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